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How to set up K-9 Mail With Office 365

I have a hell of a lot of mail accounts, K-9 Mail on Android helps me manage them all. Here’s how to set up K-9 Mail with Office 365. You will first need to set up SMTP Auth on your Exchange Tenant. This is a simple process, but it does require you to have access to the Exchange Admin Centre. If you don’t have access to the EAC, you’ll need to ask your Exchange Admin to do this for you....

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Standard list of software I install on my mums computer and phone

You know the drill, as the kid with the tech skills you get roped into helping your parents and other family members with their busted tech. I notice that every time I ressurect or reincarnate the treasured device of a family member I end up installing much of the same software. I wrote this to save me some time, and to help others who are in the same boat. My preferred recommendation in each category is in bold....

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