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Git Remove Submodule

Submodules aren’t removed using git rm submodule-dir, they need to be removed in a far more thorough and annoying fashion. There are a number of unclear explanations at various sources so I decided to write my own findings. Delete the relevant parts from the .gitmodules file. EG: 1 2 3 [submodule "blog/themes/PaperMod"] path = blog/themes/PaperMod url = Stage .gitmodules via git add .gitmodules Remove the relevant parts from .git/config...

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Error code: AzureDirectoryServiceAttributeValueMustBeUnique

How to Hard Link Azure AD Connect On Prem Users to Azure AD Office 365 Accounts

The Problem You’ve set up Azure AD Connect or Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync, but some users haven’t sync’d correctly. Trying to force a new sync / Soft Link based on SMTP or UPN matching doesn’t work. These sync’d users may have created new Azure AD accounts, or may have failed to create an Azure AD account altogether. Your internal users UPN matches a domain configured in Azure AD. The Cause The initial soft link matches on UPN or SMTP, but may fail if there are conflicting ProxyAddresses....

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How to Fix Server 2019 Activation Error: Run “slui.exe 0x2a 0xC004F069”

The Problem You’re unable to activate a copy of Windows Server 2019 or 2022 Evaluation edition with your VLSC MAK key The Cause Windows Server 2019 / 2022 Evaluation edition can only be activated with a retail key. This must happen before a Volume Licence Key can be used. The Fix We need to use DISM to change the product version/edition Open an elevated command prompt Get a list of available version upgrade paths by typing:...

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Veeam Error: VHDx:CVhdxDisk.InitialValidation: Invalid bitmap block

How to fix SB_BLOCK_NOT_PRESENT error in Veeam

The Problem Veeam is failing to back up one of your Hyper-V VM’s and is throwing the error: VHDx:CVhdxDisk.InitialValidation: Invalid bitmap block (all bitmap block of fixed and dynamic disks must be in SB_BLOCK_NOT_PRESENT state) Agent failed to process method {VHDx.GetDiskInformation} The Cause The error is telling us that Veeam’s VHDx InitialValidation function failed as the VHDx had blocks in an invalid state. According to Microsoft’s OpenSpecs Documentation for VHDx, the only valid Sector Bitmap Block state for fixed and dynamic disks is SB_BLOCK_NOT_PRESENT...

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Picture of a QNAP NAS

How to fix QNAP NAS web GUI interface timing out or never loading

The Problem You’re trying to connect to your NAS’s web interface but it’s just spinning forever and not actually loading. The Cause The cause can be a number of things, but it boils down to an issue with the http service or proxy service on the QNAP. Sometimes a configuration problem will cause the service to behave badly. A firmware update may cause a mismatch between the config file and the service being run....

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Screenshot of Advanced NTFS Permissions

How to enable/disable hardware devices using Windows Powershell

If you’re working on Windows Server Core or remotely on another computer and don’t have access to the Windows GUI, you might have trouble disabling a faulty or unwanted plug-and-play device. Thankfully PowerShell makes it easy to get, enable and disable devices in Device Manager using Get-PnpDevice, Enable-PnpDevice and Disable-PnpDevice How to query devices 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Get-PnpDevice # Get's all PNP Devices Get-PnpDevice -PresentOnly # Gets all PNP Devices currently attached or physically present in the system Get-PnpDevice -FriendlyName "*Ethernet*" # Gets all PNP Devices with a name containing "Ethernet" Get-PnpDevice -Status ERROR # Gets all PNP Devices in an errored states How to enable or disable devices To enable disable a device, simply pipe the output of Get-PnpDevice to Disable-PnpDevice or Enable-PnpDevice....

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Screenshot of Exchange Proxy Address error

How to fix conflicting proxy addresses in O365 when creating a mailbox

The proxy address is already being used by the proxy addresses of another mailbox Why can’t I create a mailbox at if one already exists at The Problem So, you have two (or more) domains associated with your Office 365 Exchange account. When you try to create a shared mailbox on one domain, you encounter an error stating the proxy address is already being used. For example You have two domains, lets call them domain1....

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