Microsoft Office - Send a file as an Attachment

The Problem Microsofts latest update to Office 365 has changed the way “Share” function operates. Previously, when you clicked the “Share” button, you were presented with a list of options, including sharing a link, or attaching a copy of your document instead. Now, if the file you are working on is already saved in a shareable OneDrive or Sharepoint locationsync’d, the only option you are presented is to share a link to the document....

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K-9 Mail logo

How to set up K-9 Mail With Office 365

I have a hell of a lot of mail accounts, K-9 Mail on Android helps me manage them all. Here’s how to set up K-9 Mail with Office 365. You will first need to set up SMTP Auth on your Exchange Tenant. This is a simple process, but it does require you to have access to the Exchange Admin Centre. If you don’t have access to the EAC, you’ll need to ask your Exchange Admin to do this for you....

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Screenshot of Exchange Proxy Address error

How to fix conflicting proxy addresses in O365 when creating a mailbox

The proxy address is already being used by the proxy addresses of another mailbox Why can’t I create a mailbox at if one already exists at The Problem So, you have two (or more) domains associated with your Office 365 Exchange account. When you try to create a shared mailbox on one domain, you encounter an error stating the proxy address is already being used. For example You have two domains, lets call them domain1....

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