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Install Tplink Omada on Debian 11

This guide covers installation of TP-Link’s Omada Software Controller on Debian 11. At the time of writing, Omada Controller version is 5.9.31. Update and Upgrade system 1 apt update && apt upgrade -y Install omada dependencies 1 apt install -y openjdk-11-jdk-headless curl autoconf make gcc Install MongoDB Go to Mongo DB’s repository and select an appropriate server version. I’m using MongoDb Server 4.4.16 1 2 wget apt install -y ....

<span title='2023-04-05 17:44:11 +0100 +0100'>5 April 2023</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;1 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;154 words&nbsp;·&nbsp;Aiden Arnkels-Webb